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What Are The Types Of Street Lights To Avoid?

by Roger

Streets lights are an essential commodity in the world today. While in the market for one, it would help to get the best in the market. The amount of additional security that street lights offer is immeasurable. In addition, street lights offer night protection and allow businesses to continue running during the night. Furthermore, theft and many other forms of crime happen at night. Therefore sourcing street lights from the best solar street light manufacturer will ensure 100% night illumination. The importance of street lights has led to the existence of many manufacturers in the market. Therefore, before you make any purchase, it is essential to know the brands to avoid. This post will help inform you on what street lights brands to avoid.

Brands to avoid while shopping for street lights

1. Low-performance street lights

Low-performance street lights will limit you from maximizing the benefit of the street lights. Also, if you want to purchase a street light for a business place, the low-performance street light can limit your work efficiency and the protection the illumination offers. Therefore, while shopping for street lights, it will help if you avoided low-performance street lights.

2. High maintenance costs

The cost of maintaining street lights such as solar street lights is very minimal. Therefore, having a street light that needs constant repairs and maintenance can cost you a lot. Thus, while in the market for street lights, avoid street lights that will cost you too much in the end.

3. Energy consuming

The brand to avoid while purchasing solar street lights is one that consumes too much energy. If the street light consumers too much energy, then it means that the street light has a high chance of either going off or completely dimming during the night. Therefore, before you make any purchase, it would help to make sure that the street light has energy-saving abilities.

4. Susceptible to harsh weather conditions

Weather conditions such as rainy and windy conditions might damage the solar street light. Rain might damage the street light with corrosion, while wind might clog the solar panels with too much dust. Therefore, while making a purchase, it would help if you avoided street light brands that are too susceptible to harsh weather conditions.

5. High investment but low quality

Generally, because of the high cost of producing solar street lights, they have a high initial cost of purchase but free maintenance cost, therefore cheaper in the long run. But some manufacturers produce low-quality solar street lights and sell them at very high prices. Therefore, it would help if you avoid manufacturers that sell street lights at high prices, but the quality is low.


Getting duped is easier done these days. Some manufacturers are quick to make a coin but do not focus on the product’s quality standards. A good solar street light can last from eight years and above. Therefore, purchasing one that is of low quality and has poor performance will ensure that the life span of the street light is limited. Thus, the above points will help you determine which street light brands to avoid in the market.

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