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Factors to Consider When Buying High Bay Lights

by Roger

High bay lights are light fixtures used to light up huge spaces and hung higher than 12 inches and with over 10000 lumens. They are found indoors and mounted on high ceilings directly or by pendants, chains, and hooks. The application and vertical illumination, in many cases, dictates the height of the light fixture. They can also get installed at a lower level of 15 to 20 feet, unlike the typical 20 to 40 feet, to give off light that’s either wide or narrow. You can check out Adiding Lighting for more information. In this extract, we discuss the factors to consider when buying high bay lights.

Factors to Consider When Buying High Bay Lights

1. Color Rendering Index (CRI)

It is a metric that measures a light source’s ability to show an object’s real color. It is vital as it affects the clarity and contrast of things. Lights such as fluorescents lights produce low lighting, making LED lights superior and popular. In a basketball arena, powerful lighting and illumination are needed for the players to comfortably complete their shots and follow the ball’s movement while in the air.

2. Lumens and Luminous Efficacy

The amount of visible light produced by a fixture is measured by the lumens. Unlike the traditional light sources that used watts to determine the brightness, They help us know the exact brightness we want from a bulb. The more lumens a bulb has, the brighter it appears. Luminous efficacy refers to the lumens per watts in an individual light fixture. It shows us how efficient a bulb is before buying. A higher lumen per watt means the light source is more efficient, and most of them have 80 lumens per watt and above.

3. Color Temperature

It is measured using the Kelvin scale. LED high bay lights to produce light in a wide range of colors. High-intensity discharge lamps also have different colored lighting, but the amount of colors is limited. Spaces with warm and cozy lighting show that the color temperature is low, creating a homely and relaxed mood. Cool lighting indicates that the color temperature is high.

4. Cost Saving

The lights have a longer lifespan compared to other lighting technologies. They can be used for many years as they degrade slowly over time. They don’t go off immediately; hence there is no need for replacing them all the time. Also, if they have to be changed, an electrician replaces all light fixtures at the same time because changing just one is expensive. The cost of purchasing electrical components is reduced and also that of labor. With HID lights, the lumen’s depreciation is very fast, and the light output doesn’t last till the end of their lifetime.

5. Type of High Bay Light Model

Different bay lights are available in the market, depending on your style and needs. You might want to replace traditional high bays with modern models that have a significant advantage over them. They include round high bays, panel-style high bays, and linear aisle lights.

Bottom Line

There are many factors to look out for, but we’ve highlighted the major one for easier shopping. You can always ask for help from the supplier when necessary. Remember, your precision when buying will determine the quality of service you are to get.

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