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A guide to dimmable panel lights

by Roger

Dimmable panel lights can also be referred to as LED panel lights. The dimmable in their name comes from the fact that their LED light can be manipulated. This manipulation is concerning their intensity. This dimming process is not the typical use of a dimmer on the regular incandescent light bulb. When considering LED light bulbs, it is the driver or the LED panel which is dimmable. Some newer LED lights do not even require a driver to be dimmable.

The dimming process in LED lights occurs as a result of alteration to the electrical power the light outputs. These LED lights, however, are huge power savers. So, you do not have to worry about the electrical burden. But if you are doing large scale installation, it would be best to consult your electrician first and follow the manufacturer’s directives.

The dimmable panel lights were made to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with a sleek design. So the light panel itself adds to the general design of your home or office. There are various panel designs. This variety in types of the panel makes them ideal for application in various indoor scenarios.

The LED lights can be trusted and are very stable. You do not have to be concerned about flickers or anything of the sort. The dimmable panel lights were designed to be as stable as possible. The LED dimmable panel light would be bright and homogenous in light output during the period of its use. So you can be sure that there would be no disruptions to your lighting. At least, no disruptions caused by or resulting innately from the bulb.

The panels are made of top quality materials. This is to ensure that the panels are not only pleasing to the eyes but also durable. But the materials used do not add unnecessary weight to the panel. In this way, it is durable and convenient for use at the same time. An example of top quality material used is aluminum.

There are various types and designs of dimmable panel lights (as mentioned earlier). Some of the more popular designs include the Recessed LED Flat Panel Lights and the Surface Mounted LED Flat Panel Lights. The dimming current also varies for various types. Some dimming orders are:

  • 3W, 5W, 12W, 15W
  • 3W, 6W, 9W, 12W, 18W,24W
  • 20W, 30W

There are others but these are the more common ones.

The dimmable LED panel lights have been equipped with every feature to satisfy the customer. It is pleasing to the eye. It saves power and is made up of top quality products to increase durability. The light does not flicker. Most importantly, the dimmable panel lights are long-lasting.


As a dimmable panel lights manufacturer, we want to make sure that your customers are satisfied. So we are very much looking forward to working with you as an electrical company. Our dimmable LED panel lights never disappoint. This way, your customers would never need to complain. This way, we are happy and your company gains an excellent reputation among electrical companies. But most importantly, your customer is satisfied.

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